Assignment Breif

Assignment Breif

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Attempt all the tasks below:

Task 1
Academic commentators suggest that many entrepreneurs follow an effectuation (descriptive) model as opposed to a causation (or prescriptive) model in setting up a new venture. Using relevant academic concepts, models and business examples analyse this statement. (1000 words)

Task 2
Imagine you have created a new product or service. Using relevant entrepreneurship models including management techniques and approaches, develop a business plan that could be useful for launching your product and obtaining financial and managerial support from potential backers. Ensure that you produce clear evidence to support the feasibility and viability of your venture. (2500 words)

Task 3
You have been expected to present your business concept. Prepare a brief paper to explain the key issues that you would highlight and emphasise in your pitch. Also identify the questions that you are likely to be asked by the Dragons and explain how you would deal with their questions and potential objections. (5 Powerpoint slides- equivalent to 500 words)

Guidelines for undertaking the proposal / Assessment criteria

Task 1
Your analysis must be grounded in appropriate academic literature and must provide clear evidence of independent critical evaluation. (20%) 1000 words- 20 marks

Task 2
1. Business Description – Should provide the background and history of the business. Also contain the goals as well as the product or services description being proposed. It also discuss the supplier information, agreements and ownership structure and legal considerations. 10 marks
2. Business Opportunities – Should contain the potential customer, geographical area, business competitors. 10 marks
3. Marketing Strategy – Should present the costing and pricing, sales projection, and marketing plan. 10 marks
4. Business Operations – Should include the operational function, services offered, and personnel. 10 marks
5. Finances...

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