Assignment Sm

Assignment Sm

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Strategic Management (Girls)
Assignment #1

Find a mission statement of two companies within the same industry in the GCC. Compare these two statements in terms of the nine points or factors discussed in Chapter 2 of your text. Which of the two statements is better? Why?

First company: Mission Statement of the Royal Hospital - Oman
The mission of the Ministry of Health is to enhance the health and well being of all the people of Oman by ensuring the availability of comprehensive health services throughout the Sultanate. In order to attain and sustain the highest possible level of health, MOH will cooperate and collaborate with other social and economic sectors, for protecting and promoting the health of the people in their bid to achieve a better quality of life. The Ministry of Health will share with the people, the responsibility for achieving a state of health, which will permit them to lead a socially and economically productive life.
Second company: Mission Statement of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center - KSA
The Organization’s objectives are as follows:
• Providing the best tertiary health care.
• Contribution in the establishment of high specifications and standards for practicing medicine in Saudi Arabia.
• Conducting scientific and applied research related to health and medicine and cooperating with other specialized institutions within Saudi Arabia and abroad to develop therapeutic methodology and improve the health and medical services in Saudi Arabia in general and the medical subspecialties in particular.
• Cooperating with medical institutions and educational establishments in Saudi Arabia to enhance the awareness level and health education among members of the society.
• Participating in the provision of health education programs and the training of Saudi Nationals in order to ensure an adequate number of qualified specialists.
• The provision of...

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