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Stop the Danger Alarm!

(A Brief Description: Learn here on how to stop the false alarm inside your brain that leads you to the dangerous physical and mental disorders.)

Feeling stressed out is a part of life and it looks normal. But is it healthy? Certainly, it’s not. The latest research strongly concludes the point that stress leaves its mark on our mind and body as well. Stress not only affects the stature and confidence of a person, but also causes some health problems like tension, blood pressure, ulcers etc. leading to severe sickness.

In one of his recent studies, psychologist Dr. Sarmiento compares stress with a false alarm. He says “the false alarm mistakenly triggers the ‘danger alarm’ in the brain system”. According to him, “when the danger alarm is turned on, it produces a physiological response called the “fight or flight” reaction, which helps us to fight the danger or flee it.”

Don’t worry. You can get out of that danger. Just keep cool and take control of the things. There are methods which can regulate the machine and control stress.

“There are two ways”, says Dr. Sarmiento, “to control stress. The first one is to know how turn off the alarm with various relaxation methods and the second one is to learn not to turn it on involuntarily.

Doing one thing at a time at your pace helps you feel relaxed. It keeps your brain in equilibrium and keeps it out of feeling agitated. There are three relaxation techniques that save you from feeling stressed out. These tips will really help you if you do them.

Follow these and you will be free from that stressed out feeling:

1. Breathing- Concentrate on your breath. Take deep breaths as slowly as you can. It helps you to cool down. Avoid shallow breaths. Experience deep breath feeling the calmness.

2. Relaxing muscles- Do small exercise with the muscles that cause tension. Massage them. You can feel relaxed by doing small physical exercises with your arms, legs and hands....

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