Assortment analysis of Toyota

Assortment analysis of Toyota


Introduction 3
Gantt's chart and impact graphic 4
I. Company Overview. 5
II. Assortment analysis. 6
III. Competitor analysis.
IV. Analysis of assortment structure.
V. Marketing goals for the current assortment.

This group project is aimed to use practically knowledge of marketing, practice skills of diagnostic and monitoring marketing activity of a company, identifying its further development.
Chosen company - Toyota Motor Corporation, Japanese car manufacturer, with high annual growth rates and market share and increasing sales in Russia. This choice is substantiated by several factors:
Market growth
Trend to “price- quality” equality
Increasing price sensitivity
Open financial documentary and reports
Company’s positioning and values
The expected results of the project are to know theoretical and practical methods of developing marketing strategy of the company; to collect, combine and analyze information about company’s activity, analyze marketing opportunities of the company; to conduct research of the weaknesses and strengths of the company in comparison with competitors; to identify marketing goals; to invent new marketing strategy and marketing event plan; to fix criteria of evaluation and to control projects steps done.
The project consists of several parts:
Company overview with description
Assortment analysis of Toyota with assortment ratings
Competitor assortment analysis of Nissan
Analysis of assortment structure
Marketing goals of Toyota
The result of the project is a full assortment analysis of Toyota and Nissan, the nearest competitor, comparison of assortment ratings and conducting marketing goals. The whole project is divided into several parts presented in Gantt’s Chart below.

Gantt's chart and impact graphic

Impact graphic:


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