(a) Terms of Reference

Having been appointed by the Directors/Shareholders of Nature’s World Holdings (Pty) Ltd, otherwise to trade under the Business Name of ‘KGOMOTSO LODGE’ to assess the economic, operational and technical feasibilities of its intended operation of a lodge and some related facilities in the northern outskirts of Gaborone, Interlands Botswana (Pty) Ltd hereby submits its report.

(b) Methods of Study

We followed a number of routes in our study that included the followings:

1. Our constant meetings with the intended owner/Managing Director (Ms Kgomotso Ntsatsi), who is the majority shareholder at 99%.

2. Our joint visiting to the site of the project, just opposite the well-known Phakalane Estate in Gaborone North.

3. A visit to the nearest competitor, the Phakalane Golf Estate was carried out.

4. “National Development Plan 9 (2003/4 –2008/9)” as published by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in Gaborone was used for reference.

5. “Tourism Statistics 2002” published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) in Gaborone.

6. “Statistical Bulletin” (June and September 2001, Vol. 2, Nos 2 & 3) also published by CSO.

7. “Bajanala: A Tourist Guide to Botswana”, Vol. 5, a Publication of the Department of Tourism in Gaborone.

8. “Discover Botswana”, a recent Publication by the same Department of Tourism.

9. “Tourist Guide to Botswana”, a Shell Oil Company’s Publication as authored by Veronica Roodt.

9. “National Conservation Strategy (Co-ordinating) Agency”, a leaflet published by the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism in Gaborone.

(c) Analysis and Development

This project relates to the promotion of tourism and the need for the provision of conferencing facilities. Botswana, with Gaborone as a particular case still lacks behind in the provision of conferencing facilities that could cater for a world class come together. Many lodges/guest...