Assured and Associates

Assured and Associates

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Assured & Associates offers a unique combination of premier home health care and community-based social services to the Atlanta, GA metro area. Market research indicates that there is a significant need for quality home health care and social services within this region and we believe that by employing competent and well-educated staff and providing them with organized and responsive management, we can become the home health care/social service agency of choice in Orlando, FL.

Assured & Associates will be created as a Limited Liability Company based in (what County), owned by its principal investors and principal operators. The initial office will be established in quality office (space on Main Street in Neodesha, Kansas, which is the heart of Southeastern Kansas). Neodesha is also home to a hospital facility and a renowned Wound Center, which will serve as referral bases for our agency.

Consumers of our services will be those individuals and families in need of home health care and/or social services. These patients are usually referred by other health care professionals such as physicians, attorneys, insurance companies and health care facilities. Our agency has already developed an excellent reputation with many of these professionals, through the work of our Registered Nurse, who has been providing home health care services for the past twenty years.

Our agency must be licensed by the State of Florida and our services reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and other private insurance carriers. The process for licensure and insurance certification has already been initiated and we are well on our way to meeting the regulations and guidelines for providing home health care and social services to patients in  (what area of Florida).

There are currently only three other home health care agencies that serve Southeastern Kansas. One is a satellite operation based out of a larger regional hospital in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Kellene Walker currently manages...

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