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Main idea of article “ASTHMA”
1. Asthma is a kind of disorder of the respiratory system which causes coughing, difficulty to breath and even death. This article more concerns about bronchial asthma which is an inflammation of the airways.
2. The probability of asthma occurs for all people are the same and generally asthma attacks occur on the residents live in poor urban neighborhoods, in cold climates, and in industrialized countries.
3. Asthma becomes common among all Americans as the prevalence of asthma increased, especially children while the deaths from asthma also increased dramatically in these few years.
4. The main causes of increase in asthma cases suspected by the scientists are the increases of expose to second-hand cigarette smoke, serious populations in city, and new housing that is not well ventilated.
5. In this article, it explained that when breathing, Human Lungs Air started at branches of trachea, called bronchi, subdivides within the lobes into smaller air vessels and terminates in alveoli.
6. Asthma attacks occur when bronchi and bronchioles become inflame and thus asthmatic to work harder to pump air in or out of the lungs.
7. Asthma attacks have the symptoms of mild chest pressure and a dry cough, wheezing develops, difficult to breath, and coughing produces thicker mucus.
8. The frequency of asthma attacks varies considerably among asthma suffers.
9. Inflammations happened because when our body immune system detected the irritant, it will send mast cell to the site of irritation and release histamine which will cause inflammatory response and bronchospasms- cause the airways narrower.

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