Astro Airlies

Astro Airlies

The case study on Astro Airlines

Case Synopsis

The case is basically about the charismatic leadership of Arthru Burton who was founder of Astro Airlines in 1980. The case basically highlights the probes and cons of the charismatic leader. Even though the leaders are positively charismatic they are not going to achieve their goal due to their "early success and the adulation of subordinates may cause leader to believe that his or her judgment is infallible. In a persistent quest to attain the vision, a charismatic leader may ignore or reject evidence that is unrealistic and doomed to fail" - (Gary Yukl page 277). Also we can say that the consequences of overconfidence, risky decision, making determined enemies, devotion to themselves more than the ideas, personal identification more than internalization were some of the several reasons of leadership traits that led the company to file the bankruptcy.

Issue in the case

The main issue in the case is all about failing to manage success after successful beginning. The leader in Astro Airlines Mr. Arthru Burton could not maintain the growth of its company. The charismatic vision, influencing and communication ability of Burton could start the airlines with reduced fare, innovating ticketing style, low cost service to all who could not afford high price and the employee was ready to work even in the low salary then the standard of airlines industries. The company faced an immediate success with its innovative strategy and with the vision of its leader. It performed well even in the hard situation like economic recession and strike of air traffic controllers. It adapted to its early growth and find out the way for the crises.

The airline could not operate successfully after picking up. It was due to the competency of leadership that could not effectively able to solve complex organizational problem lead to the decline of the company. As growth was seen the airlines gain more and more customer and the...

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