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Astro Boy

This draw- dropping action Astro Boy is an episode that’ll keep your eyes glued to the screen. Before you start watching go to the loo or finish your popcorn because once the episode starts, you’ll do little but stare open- mouthed at the screen.

It starts off as a power company decided to make a human boy more robot like with a power machine named “Magnemite”. Robots have no feelings and are hard to communicate. The community has heard of the plan to make Astro but has not considered whether it would be a good thing for the city as it develops. During the making of Astro a huge amount of electricity was transported to his body. The machine’s body contained all the electricity power in the city but 50,000 volts disappeared into thin air.

What followed was very unexpecting as the power machine which created Astro went out of control and started to destroy the city.

This episode is set in a futuristic city, which makes the events all the more plausible. As the majority of the whole episode was set in the air, it somehow gives me the impression that we too are in the action.

The central character is Astro. He has special powers and is the only robot with human feelings and heart. He can hold the same amount of energy as light and he also likes to go on rescue missions. He is also very determined to learn as much as he can. Some minor characters such as the Professor and the Detective gives the film some vitality and personality. In his ways stands Astro’s father, who is the original creator of Astro and is intent on robots ruling the whole world. Astro has the help of the Professor who acts as his new father. The creatures of this movie have notably made it fairly- fast paced as it alerts the audience to a greater extent.

The language used also makes this film more realistic. From my personal point of view I find the action very exciting, with plenty of adventures. Most characters in themselves don’t portray plausible quality which makes...

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