Jaimini System
– A Revelation
Madhura Krishnamurthi Sastri,
Translator: Sreeram Medapali
Copy Editor: Shanmukha
Article Submission: Aug, 2008
Readership Level: Very Advanced



In the science of predictive astrology, there
are 3 famous systems – Parasara, Jaimini
and Yavana. Among them, Jamini School
gives remarkable and specific predictions
using distinctly different methods from
the other two. In this paper, an overview
of Jaimini system is discussed with the
help of Somanatha Mishra’s Kalpalatha a
commentary on Jaimini Sutras.

One of the oldest authorities on Jaimini
Astrology, he graced the Astrological
Magazine in 1960s under immense
persuasion of Late Dr Raman and gave us
some rare jewels in Jaimini Astrology. At
the age of 80, he lives in a small town in
Andhra Pradesh. Incidentally not many in
India & West know that Andhra Pradesh
has been the land of Jaimini Astrology after
Banaras. Revered Sastriji leads a strict
Brahminical life along with being very
open minded & extremely humble. His
humility only shows his supreme mastery
over astrology. He and Iranganti
Rangacharya are considered as the
foremost authorities alive today in Jaimini
Astrology. Mr Sastri has supported
Saptarishis Astrology right from its
inception stage.


Parasara System:

In this system delineation of twelve
bhavas (houses) that is Tanu, Dhana etc.,
and Dasa and Antara dasa results occupy a
major role. In this system, results related
to the bhavas like Tanu, Dhana, Bhratri,
Matri bhava etc are determined by the
relationship between planets and bhavas
and fructification of results is determined
from the results of dasa – antardasa. The
dasa system in this school is planet based
and Vimsottari, Astottari, Shodashottai
etc. dasas are discussed. The application of
these dasas is decided by the time of birth
of the native i.e. specific combinations on
the horoscope,...

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