At Your Service: Waiters Training Guidelines

At Your Service: Waiters Training Guidelines

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At your service: Waiters Training Guidelines

One of the first and most important tasks of a good waiter is taking charge of the table. A good waiter will have to greet the table, take orders, serve the right food, wait for the guests to enjoy their food and relax. The waiter must be accurate in taking order to avoid miscommunication. Good communication is important between the waiter and the guest. It should be directed and not controlled to be effective.

Efficient communication means that the waiter has to take the order, must be able to get some specific information from the guests in order to serve them properly. Getting it right means that the waiter has to be in control of the conversation but of course, they have to do it in such a way that looks to the guests like they are the ones in control. We should always let the guests feel that they are always right.

But a lot of people go out to eat because they don't know exactly what they are going to have. Especially if the menu is in foreign languages, have unusual names and ingredients. So these guests need guidance. Guidance is the waiter's job. His job is to guide the guests regarding the menu. He should do as much explaining as is necessary at first. Then, on the second approach, he should try to get the complete order if possible.

While the food is being cooked, complimentary drinks, breads, chips must be serve so that guests would think that after eating those complimentary foods their main course will be served after. We don’t want our guests to feel they have to wait long for their food.

One of the biggest mistakes that waiters make, especially in upscale restaurants, is assuming that guests want to eat slowly. Delaying the food will delay the satisfaction progress as well. So be aware of it. The main course should arrive in no less than 20 minutes after order taking and the next course should arrive no less than 5 minutes after the previous course was cleared away.

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