Athletics vs Acedemics

Athletics vs Acedemics

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Athletics vs Acedemics

The struggle between athletics and acedemics has been a long fought battle that ranges

from the elementary school level all the way up to the collegiate level. In many institutions

the emphasis has shifted from acedemics to athletics, but in reality athletics in some aspects

can be just as important as acedemics. The benefits of focusing souly on acedemics for the

most part are obvious, such as a better education usually means a higher paying job and also

the feeling of self-accomplishment for achieving your goals.

Playing sports is an important element in the lives of many American children. “More

than 40 million kids between the ages of and both male and female participate in athletics

in the United States”(Gomez 2011 ). Most kids participate in sports simply to have fun , but

the benifits of such activities go far beyond the love of the game.

The health benefits of sports are numerous, especially for kids. “In 1997 the CDC (Center

for Disease Control) published “The Guidelines for Schools and Communities for Promoting

Lifelong Physical Activity,” where the agency noted that regular physical activity in

childhood and adolesence improves strength and endurance. Sports may also help build

healthy bones and muscles, help control weight, may improve blood pressure and cholesterol


The psycological benefits can also be significant such as improved self-esteem and help

build social and leadership skills. Acedemic benefits can be significant from sports in the

classroom. A 2002 study published in “Sociology of Education” concluded that

participating in athletics helps high school students perform well academically more than any

other extracurricular activity. A study published in “Educational Psychological Review”

stated that systematic exercise programs may acrually...

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