Atlas Airlines

Atlas Airlines

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Atlas Airlines:
A Closer Look

Shaun Feeney

ASCI 609

Professor O’Connor

May 2, 2007


Cargo carriers have come a long way in terms of the size of the aircraft used and the number of destinations served among two things. Cargo carriers are faced with many of the same challenges that passenger carriers face. Atlas may be stuck in the past; old-fashioned trench warfare style of doing business, which puts them behind in terms of business processes and technology. Is there anything they can change to fix these deficiencies? Some tactics for making improvements will be discussed. One of the most successful cargo carriers is Atlas Airlines and maintains a strong position in the market with around 2,077 employees. Atlas has a unique approach to providing cargo movement service.
A short excerpt describing some of the services offered by Atlas, retrieved from http://www.atlas (March 2007) is as follows:
Atlas Airlines was founded in April 1992 by Michael
Chowdry. The first service was started in 1993 with
one Boeing 747-200 with China Airlines in a lease
agreement. Since other airlines did not jump on this
opportunity, Atlas wanted to offer a product that
other airlines were not utilizing. In the 1990s,
passenger airlines were losing money and parking
aircraft, while the limited number of high-gross-
weight, long-haul cargo aircraft were all being
actively utilized. Atlas is the leading provider of
ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance)
leasing to major airlines around the globe and
operates a large fleet of all-cargo B747 aircraft.
Atlas and its sister company, Polar Air Cargo, Inc.,
are wholly owned subsidiaries of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. (AAWW), based in Purchase, N.Y.
Atlas is a major player in the cargo arena. ACMI is a service...

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