Attack on Government Information System

Attack on Government Information System

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Attacks on Government Information System

The emergence of computers has augmented information storage in various sectors. Information System (IS) refers to an assembly of computers that aids to collate, stockpile, process, and commune information. The government is one of the principal entities that utilize IS to ensure safety of the country’s information. However, the storage systems normally face attacks by some outer entities. The aim of such hackings ranges from access to confidential information to attacks. Some of the remarkable attackers encompass rival states, revolutionaries, criminals, as well as illegal insiders (Rainer & Cegielski, 2009). The software and information engineers have the required expertise to safeguard the systems thus evading and countering the attacks. The US government has faced myriads of attacks, especially the security information. It is imperative top assert that the notable attacks arise from the terrorists who target the government and other critical points within US.

People who attack the IS virtually have no right of access; nonetheless, they struggle to ensure that they achieve their missions. According to CBS, the US government IS faced series of assails from virtual terrorists, overseas spies, together with net hackers and other entities. “The Department of Homeland Security, DHS” outlines that the federal experiences attacks daily (Orr, 2008). Such attacks lead to the compromise of the computers belonging to the DHS. This normally impact the IS at the “Department of The State and Commerce” which are some of the state engines (Orr, 2008). The hackers normally permeate the emails that belong to the defense section. This; therefore, derails the government security sector due to anxieties and constant upgrading of the systems.

Illegal access to individual information may be dramatic; however, such hackings on the military can be disastrous. Some hackers use hazardous species of computer viruses thus shutting...

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