Attack on pearl harbor

Attack on pearl harbor

Eric Webb

Event: Attack on pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

Research questions:
Why did the Japanese attack pearl harbor? How did they travel so far going undetected? Why so many planes when you are attacking boats? Which political party did the war most benefit and how did that party benefit? Why only 2 attacks? What were the weak points of Pearl Harbor? Why were the planes not spotted earlier? Why weren’t there more drills to practice. Why was there no air defense on and staffed?

People involved:
Husband E. Kimmel
Walter Short,
Kendall J. Fielder
Chuichi Nagumo
Minoru Genda
Mitsuo Fuchida
Franklin D. Roosevelt


Goldstein, Donald M. “Pearl Harbor” In Encyclopedia of Leadership, Edited by
George R. Goethals & Georgia J. Sorenson & James MacGregor Burns. Sage Publications. Pg 1180-1188
Professor Goldstein teaches the public and international Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. As author or co-author of numerous articles and books that received awards for book of the month, and as a section from history book club. He is the author of ‘We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor’ which ended up first runner up for the Pulitzer prize in 1982. He aslso is a consultant for numerous big coperatations

Primary resources

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Nothing to fear; the selected addresses of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1932-1945. Literary Licensing, LLC, 2013.
Roosevelt was the president at the time of the attack on Pearl harbor. He begans to use fire side talks to talk to the American people to rally them together for the war. This book is a Collection...

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