Attacking Obama's Personality

Attacking Obama's Personality

John McCain is running for president of the United States against Barack Obama. In doing so, McCain has made several campaign commercials about Obama. In this particular commercial, a clip of Britney Spears is shown as well as a picture of Paris Hilton. McCain also shows clips from Obama’s appearance in Germany before hundreds of thousands of people showing that he has an exceptionally large fan base. These techniques were done to make Barack Obama look as if he were a celebrity. It was also made to imply that Obama is as irresponsible as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

McCain completely attacks Obama’s personality more than his platform issues. By doing this, McCain tries to make Barack Obama seem arrogant, but it in fact makes himself seem arrogant in return. Every time Barack Obama is shown in the commercial, he has a pleasant smile upon his face. This makes Obama seem sympathetic and friendly. Also by showing Barack Obama with a smile on his face all of the time, implies that Obama is an awfully happy and down to earth kind of person.

Obama is wearing a jacket and tie which makes him look as if he is dressed professionally but not overdone. This in fact, works against McCain because it makes Obama comes across as a middle class man. Today, one would want someone like Barack Obama, who has experienced the same situations they have and actually knows what most of America is going through. That way, this person could change only what is needed to be changed. John McCain brings himself across as a wealthier man who thinks he is aware of the issues of which are occurring, but might not really fully understand them.

McCain criticizes Obama with great disrespect in this commercial. One would not want a disrespectful person, like John McCain, as their president. It makes one wonder, would he disrespect America in the same way? Does McCain even have any respect for himself?

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