Audience and Demographic

Audience and Demographic

1. Describe (briefly!) your observation / experience.

During the first week I observed my mentor outlining to new the year 10 cohort, how the forthcoming year would be structured in terms of percentage of course work and exams.

2. Analyse the evidence that you have for the quality of student learning / progress of your ‘specific students’

In a busy period at the start of a new year it is imperative to outline what is expected of the pupils academically. The new year 11 pupils have only taken Media in a combination with English so informing them of the changes and scope to achieve good grades is very important. This information undoubtedly encouraged all pupils in recognising what could still be achieved after a disjointed year10 media studies experience. This specifically targeted pupils who may have under achieved, and consequently written the subject off. However a clear presentation on the percentage of the course left to complete, showed that progress can still be made. This whole approach positively impacted the quality of learning.

3. Evaluate the impact on the learning / progress of your ‘specific students’ of this observation / situation.

The impact of this would be that the pupils felt encouraged to continue working hard within Media Studies as good grades could still be achieved. This in turn will hopefully boost their confidence in their own ability and motivate them into pushing for the better grades.

4. Apply your evaluation to outline and justify how you will develop this aspect of your practice in future.

This year is unique in Wootton as Media is a new stand alone subject. However the importance of informing pupils on what can be achieved is paramount. A clear presentation to each year group on the course and how course work and exams affect their grades allows them to visualise the pathway for the next 1-2 years, and breaking the units down makes it easier for them to process. I would aim to make this one of my first...

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