Augmented Reality Sets a New Dimension to Gaming Experience Up-surging Global Augmented Reality Market

Augmented Reality Sets a New Dimension to Gaming Experience Up-surging Global Augmented Reality Market

AR and VR systems were first created by Ivan Sutherland in 1968. He developed the optical see-through HMDs that can express simple 3D models in real time. AR and VR technologies are innovative way of visualizing the virtual reality and blending it into a real vision. AR offers more flexibility to users to view both real world objects and virtual objects. AR and big data have a logical bonding that makes them feasibly combine. AR is not device dependent for an extent, and this technology can reach out to users through their smartphones and tablets through developed applications. Smartphone and tablets manufacturers are integrating more of these AR applications to increase the user experience and with growing smartphone market, AR integrations are expected to take a leap in near future.

The concept of AR have been in the market since decades, the technology and developments are entering mainstream now, with its promise to change the way of interaction in human activities such as social, cultural, and economical. Big giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and many others are investing billions in the technology with a thought of entering the next big thing.

Gaming and entertainment are two major end-user applications for AR, in-line with growing gaming market a significant penetration is observed in individual as well as enterprises who develop games using AR and VR technology. Increasing developments in processors and graphic content in smartphones and tablets have enabled them to run most popular games. Gaming immersed in real environment and computer based render two different experiences to the players. AR creates an interactive platform for virtual objects in real environment which is an exciting feature of this technology which is making a huge impact on the current trends of the gaming industry.

One of the trending game Pokemon Go has been observed to drive the augmented reality and Geo-location technologies at high pace in short period of...

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