Auguste Escoffier

Auguste Escoffier

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Auguste Escoffier

Auguste Escoffier was born in France in October of 1846. He began his culinary career at age 13 when his father took him to Nice. In Nice, he apprenticed at a restaurant that was owned by his uncle. Everything in his career went uphill from there.

Being the amazing chef he was, Escoffier was able to go to many different places. When the Franco-Prussian war began, Escoffier was called to duty as a chef. This is when he became the first chef to discover how to preserve foods by canning them. When the war ended, Auguste went back to working in restaurants and his career kept rising.

After a while, Escoffier made a new friend in Cesar Ritz. They became partners working with the food service industry in hotels. Ritz went on to create a chain of hotels. Escoffier was the head chef in the Ritz-Carlton in London where he created one of his most famous dishes, Peach Melba.

Auguste Escoffier had many career achievements. Maybe his most memorable was how he used seasonings and light sauces. He also was the person who created the menu. Also, he developed the first a la carte menu.

Culinary was not only Escoffier’s business. He wrote many books. He also put a program together to feed the hungry and to take care of retired chefs.

Escoffier retired in 1921 and moved to Monte Carlo where he died February 12, 1935. He was loved by many.