Aunts in Pakistamn

Aunts in Pakistamn

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Romeo And Juliet Act 3 Scene 5

In this scene Shakespeare makes Romeo and Juliet’s situation even more difficult. Why is this scene so dramatic?

The play is written about people and how much to interest is in not just the portrayal of the joy and heartache of first love and sexual attraction, but also issues of rising against parents and believing oneself to be misunderstood. Play is full of dramatic irony as the prologue tells the audience what will happen throughout the play. It also explains about the family feud that has been going on throughout generations.
Romeo and Juliet had little stagecraft in those days, they didn’t have any special effects so there language had to be powerful. They also had to act a 5 day story line in 2 hours which included murders, secrets, marriages and plotting, making it very dramatic.
Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1593, it is considered a Greek tragedy because by the end of the play a number of people are dead.
Juliet finds herself in a very difficult situation. She has secretly married Romeo without her parent’s knowledge. Romeo has killed Tybalt in revenge for the killing of Mercutio. She knows that her parents want her to marry Paris, which she now is really in a weak position.

Act 3, scene four is very short: Capulet tells Paris he can marry his daughter Juliet, one of the reasons why Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris is because he is a wealthy relation of the Prince of Verona, perfect match for Juliet. Time is running out for the “star cross lovers”. The audience know many things that Capulet dose not like (Juliet is married to Romeo) this is building dramatic irony as well as tension.

Act 3 scene 5 starts with Romeo and Juliet talking, after their first and only night together. The audience knows that Juliet’s father has plans for her and Paris to be married- she doesn’t. The audience also know that Juliet’s mother may come in at any time this adds to the tensions. Romeo knows he needs to get out...

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