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Auras: They are a sphere/layer of energy that surrounds any living or non-living object. Everything has an Aura, whether it’s your mobile or your granny or even your cat. Auras are not visible to everyone albeit, you can train yourself to see Auras through meditation and deep concentration techniques. An aura must be gazed upon not looked at. You simply cannot look at a person and see their Aura; you have to concentrate and gaze in order to see an Aura.

Clothing blocks and dims Aura and prevents it from being seen. This makes the Aura cleanser’s work even more difficult and exhausting. That’s why it is always suggested to start gazing the Aura from the head. Our head is mostly bare and it is shaped like an egg, this helps us to gaze upon and see the Aura more easily.

Another important thing is not to have too much bright light around us while we’re trying to see an Aura. Aura is a pale glow of energy and too much brightness around can fade away that glow, making it almost impossible us to see an Aura. It is suggested that you sit in a fairly dim lit room while you’re doing Aura cleansing. Make sure that the source of the light in the room is either behind you or above you. This would make the object appear in the centre of the light and you’ll find it much easier to gaze upon the object.

While doing the Aura gazing some people tend to complain that they see multiple Auras, i.e. they see the Aura of other objects other than the main object. The best way to fix this is to meditate and increase your concentration power. Also, refrain from blinking your eyes too much while you’re concentration on the object. Too much blinking will make you lose focus and your sight will shift from the main object. It is important that you do not make your eyes watery by not blinking at all. Blinking is important but not necessary. You can blink your eyes but make sure you are focused on the object while you’re doing this.

Masking is a very advanced technique...