Australia Attacked

Australia Attacked

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Everyone was listening to the radio, seriously and with a straight face. All joking aside, whoever, young and old were listening to the radio, no exception.
‘Fellow Australians, it is my melancholy duty to inform you officially, Australia is at war. No harder task can fall to the lot of a democratic leader than to make such an announcement. Said Robert Menzies who was the prime minister of Australia.
No one would accept this reality, but it was. The war started to hit home. People started to panic, and packed things up to leave, but it was all too late.
Mr. Rowan, who was in the sitting on the bed in the hospital near this portable radio, was an experienced military doctor, he knew, its time to work.

Six Japanese midget submarines made it into the Sydney Harbour, ready to attack and occupy this piece of land. It was a really great attack spot, was crowd of people and full of buildings and constructions.

Apparently, Mr. Rowan was totally unruffled, but actually he was quite worried about his wife, who was the member of Australian omen’s Army Service. While he was preparing the medicine and equipments, he shivered. And he was sweating; Rowan was not concentrated enough and messed up everything. He wanted to see his wife right now. Rowan didn’t feel right, he needed to sit down and calm. He pretended he was alright.

To face the World war II, many men, women and even children were urged to join the army of Australia. Women took new roles in some important positions, a large amount of women had joined the army, including Rowan’s wife, Ela. Ela loved her country, she felt proud of her nationality, she was willing to do this risky job. Even Rowan couldn’t stop her.
‘Bang’ An ear splitting crashing booming sound put the floating soul of Rowan back to his body, Rowan immediately ran back to his place.
All six submarines started to attacking Sydney harbour, six huge torpedoes fired in different directions towards the harbour and...

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