Australia E Commerce Market Growth – JSB Market Research

Australia E Commerce Market Growth – JSB Market Research

Australia E Commerce Market Growth
Released on 8th June 2015

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This annual publication offers a wealth of information on the trends and developments taking place in the australia e commerce market. The publication provides analyses of the issues surrounding the growth of e-commerce, including e-banking, e-payments and online advertising. Information on mobile commerce developments are also provided, including m-payments and m-banking, included statistics and forecasts for both the e-commerce and m-commerce sectors.

Subjects covered include:

Analyses of key e-commerce trends;
E-commerce trends and statistics;
Information on e-payment and e-banking sectors;
Analyses of key m-commerce trends; Information on the key market players.Researchers:- Paul Budde, Kylie WansinkCurrent publication date:- May 2015 (14th Edition)

Exec Summary
The Digital Economy is driving sector and industry transformations
Key Insights

Based on the growth of internet and mobile users alone, it is hardly any wonder that e-commerce and m-commerce are thriving. Despite the economic downturn, online spending is proving resilient and even buoyant in most markets. New communication and software developments are making it increasingly possible for retailers to offer a seamless shopping experience using all the available shopping channels – mobile devices, computers, bricks-and-mortar, television, radio, direct mail, catalogues, and so on. In our existing climate of digital interaction, the concept of a ‘Sharing Economy’ is gaining momentum. New developments are following in the footsteps of those entrepreneurs who created sites where people share their houses and car spaces. We are now increasingly seeing sites aimed at people who need people for odd jobs, at short notice. Uber was perhaps the first on the scene here. It is still operating in a narrow market (taxies), but other companies are entering the much broader job market, by using...

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