Australian labs

Australian labs

Many Information system are developed to make Australian Lab Information Tracking System reliable, economical and efficient system. Despite of all, the present system have many difficulties in tracking the blood test, proper inventory system, disposal of the blood and instruments. Finally, this system, we are approaching, aims to provide solutions for the system.. This approach is designed to improve the quality of service to the customer.

The aim of the system will be accomplished by fulfilling following objectives
1. Storing client detail, patient detail, sample delivery information, specimen collector details and blood vial details in database.
2. Lab technician has full rights to handle the system. Scientists and specimen collector has limited rights, maintains security among the entity of the system.
3. Prioritize the samples in the system
4. Allocation of the resources in the system.
5. Alerts are sent to collectors to receive and deliver the sample to the specified destination.

Easy tracking of the blood vial
Proper resource allocation can also be done
Emergency case can also be handled
Full security on the system. Depends on the user, the access rights is given
The system gives alert to collector for pick-up and delivery of samples
Payment system has not been added since clients directly pay to lab technician person to person.
No involvement of patient directly to system.

In conclusion, The Australian Lab Information Tracking system has made easier and feasible to track the blood samples. The system is secure and provides special access rights to each entity in the system. Application of barcode and modern d­­­­­­atabase has made the system more flexible and convenient for system-users. The interface of the system is itself user-friendly and anyone with basic knowledge of computer can easily operate it.
Accurate result are sent to the clients via e-mail,...

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