Australian Society

Australian Society

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The traditional values of mateship, egalitarianism and a fair go still in someway stand today. They may not be large enough gestures to make it onto the news or on the front page of the herald Sun, but the truth is these values are present in our everyday lives. Australians values are not determined by the government’s decisions.

Mateship is everywhere in Australian society today from a soldier in Iraq holding a fellow soldier whose injured or simply the smile given when people are passing by. The mateship quality was evident in the recent Beaconsfield gold mine tragedy where 2 miners were trapped in the mines that had collapsed on top of them; fellow workers risked their lives, to make sure no one was left behind. If that isn’t true mateship then I don’t know what is. Maybe having a couple of beers with the boys after the ordeal is mate ship. Mateship today can be seen as heroic such as the volunteers of the SES and CFA but also just being there and having someone’s back is seen as mateship. Mateship is everywhere, everyday and there is no way this Aussie value will ever disappear.

Egalitarianism in Australian society is also still prevalent in today’s society. It may not be publicly advertised but is present. For example when Johnny Howard used to go on those super speed walks in those snazzy tracksuits everyone who passed by would say ‘G’day Johnny’, one guy even went up and gave him a big hug. I’m sure if Kevin went for those walks he would get the same treatment. Australians also show egalitarianism with the way they make nicknames for leaders, actors etc, people who other societies put on a pedestal, but with these nicknames it shows that Australians think that everyone is equal no matter your accomplishment or wealth. Egalitarianism isn’t just a value for the Australian people it is a way of life.

The phrase fair go is as Australian as ‘G’day, how ya going?’ It’s been around for a long time, just because it is sometime lost sight of, doesn’t mean...

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