Autism in Children

Autism in Children

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Table of Content
1. Abstract
2. What is autism
3. How children with autism communicate
4. What age they are diagnosed
5. How autism toddler acts
6. Biological explanation
7. Genetic explanation
8. When you becomes a high risk of your child developing autism.
9. How the cerebellum causes Autism
10. Treatment
11. Medication
12. Behavior with children with autism
13. Things to ask your doctor
14. Temple Grandin and Tito Mulkhopadhyay
15. Comparison of Grandin and Tito
16. Conclusion

This paper talks about autism and how autism is caused, and how recent work in psychological and biological fields has convinced researchers that cognitive limitations and brain abnormalities are actually the main causes. Autism occurs in 1 out of 166 children, but the severity of Autism varies widely, from mild to severe live of Autism. And how toddler classic Autism is generally withdrawn, distant, and fails to react to other people, many of these children will avoid eye contact and they also behave in strange or repetitive ways, such as rocking, hand flapping or an obsessive orderliness. Recent explanations say that people with Autism don’t have theory of mind and also how, it also talks about the treatment and medication. Temple Grandin and Tito Mulkhopadhyay talks about their lives with autism and how they over came autism.

Autism is a condition surrounded by myth and generalizations. People with Autism rarely display socially appropriate behavior. The condition, therefore, is often misunderstood. Much is still not known about Autism, but recent research is providing more knowledge. The meaning of Autism is “withdrawn into the self” (Cheng, 227).
      A variety of explanations have been offered for Autism. This is one disorder for which social and cultural explanations were given too much...

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