Autobiography of river

Autobiography of river


I am river. I was born a long time ago in an ambiguous region in a mountain. I am combination
of several streams. From the day I was born I was restless to move on and travel to unknown
regions. Thus, I was bubbling with life and vigour, ready to overcome any obstacle that came
my way. I ferociously scurry through the narrow creeks and bends in the mountains to begin
my journey into unknown lands. I really feel very strong, invincible and pure at this point as I
move along a rough terrain with strong undercurrents. Sometimes I plunge several hundreds
of feet from a great height with great force. This is known as a waterfall. As I progress on a
downward trend carrying along broken rocks and debris, I finally reach the plains.

At this juncture of my course, I find myself in the upper plains and observe my course
widening. The water that I bring down here from the mountains is made good use of by people
settled in the area. It is quite interesting to see a good number of settlements on my banks.
People make feel very important since they feel I am sacred, holy and a source of life. Along
with small townships, houses there are temples as well. The scenic beauty around me is very
beautiful and amazing. From the rough mountain terrain, I tend to become a bit slow and slurry
in the upper plains. I am the only source of pure and clean water and I feel great that I am
useful to so many people. As I move along, I collect a lot of soil, rocks and debris and become
heavy. Thus I lose on speed and slowly trudge along the plains.

Leaving the upper plains behind I reach the lower plains. The soil that I carry along with me is
very fertile and extremely good for agriculture. I flood the plains with fertile alluvial soil that
increases the fertility and yield of fields located on my banks. Several farmers are dependent
on me for their livelihood and occupation. I water the fields, which in turn helps crops to grow
in abundance...

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