Automated paysheets

Automated paysheets

Section B

a) Automated paysheets
Employees can use automated paysheets to replace traditional time cards. They can view, enter and update the payroll information through the intranet to the paysheets. It makes those records more well-organized.

b) Employee self-service (ESS)
Employee self-service (ESS) intranet applications allow employees to check benefits, enter travel and expense reports, verify employment and salary information, update their personal information, and enter data that has a time constraint.

c) Providing training information through intranet
Human Resources Department can provide training information in the intranet, so employees can download instructions and processes to get the information or education they need. Besides, employees can view training videos over the intranet.

d) Access company policy through intranet

- Lack of proper demand-planning knowledge, tools and guidelines.

- Inaccurate production, inventory, and other business data provided by the company’s other information systems.

- Lack of adequate collaboration among marketing, production, and inventory management departments within a company.

- SCM tools are immature, incomplete, and hard to implement.

- Condition 1
Benefits of the Expert System should outweigh the developing cost of the Expert System

- Condition 2
Ensure the Expert System must not lead to wrong decision making. Otherwise, the cost will be unpredictable

- Benefit 1
Faster and more consistent than an expert

- Benefit 2
Can contain knowledge of multiple experts

- Ability to retain knowledge for a long period of time

- Ability to handle tedious works, e.g. dish washing, production line in factory

- Ability to handle dangerous works, e.g. mining, building construction

- Ensure standardization of products

a)Client/server networks

- Benefits
Larger computer systems can be replaced by...

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