Avit 363 Quiz

Avit 363 Quiz

AVIT 363  quiz

1. Issue a safety alert to an aircraft if you are aware the aircraft is in a position/attitude, which, in your judgment, places it in unsafe proximity to terrain, obstructions, or other aircraft.
(a)    True   (1/1 pts )
(b)   False

2. Do not assume that because someone else has responsibility for the aircraft that the unsafe situation has been observed and the safety alert issued; inform the appropriate controller.
(a)    True   (1/1 pts )
(b)   False

3. The issuance of a safety alert is a ______ priority once the controller observes and recognizes a situation of unsafe aircraft proximity to terrain, obstacles, or other aircraft.
(a)    First   (1/1 pts )
(b)   Second
(c)    Third
(d)   Fourth

4. Use of the term “minimum fuel” indicates recognition by a pilot that his/her fuel supply has reached a state where, upon reaching destination, he/she cannot accept any _____ _____.
(a)    Delay at all
(b)Sequencing delay
(c)Undue delay   (1/1 pts )
(d)Holding delay

5. What does the symbol R indicate on a terminal flight progress strip
(a)    Radar Services Terminated
(b)   Radar Vectors
(c)    Radar Contact   (1/1 pts )
(d)   Radar Services

6. What does the symbol        indicate on a terminal flight progress strip

Radar Contact, Hand off completed   (1/1 pts )
(b)   Radar Contact
(c)    Radar Vectors
(d)   Radar Contact Lost
(e)    Radar Services Terminated

7. Transfer control of an aircraft in accordance with the following conditions:
(a)    At a prescribed or coordinated location, time, fix, or altitude.   (0/1 pts )
(b)   At any time
(c)    Prior to their landing
(d)   Prior to their taking off

8. Transfer radio communications before an aircraft enters the receiving controller’s area of jurisdiction unless otherwise coordinated or specified by a letter of agreement or facility directive.
(a)    True   (1/1...

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