Awareness of Cultural Differences

Awareness of Cultural Differences

Aware of Cultural Differences

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A program by the name of Intercultural Differences has been placed into Trumann High. This organization was designed to bring understanding to students of how different cultures are similarly and dissimilar. The students are chosen from a survey questionnaire and are pulled based upon their lack knowledge and/ or confusion of another culture. Intercultural Differences hope that the study will give students the opportunity to get know students of other cultures backgrounds and eliminate their presumption of each other.
This story involves two young women born in Washington D.C. same age yet different cultural back grounds. Kimberly, she is an African American who doesn’t like Latinos. She feels as though they are underclass because of their style of living. Her understanding of Hispanic, whom she calls Latinos, is that they have hygiene problems, the most degrading jobs and the women dislike women of her culture. Maria, she is a Spanish female who doesn’t care for African Americans as a whole. She feels that they are lazy, doesn’t support their family as they should, snobbish and ungrateful.
Neither of the two want to be involves in the study, except in order to graduate they have to be involved. It is a requirement that the students who are pulled from the survey attend a week study that involves comparison of cultures.
First the girls were given ten different aspects of culture and had to explain the moral their culture followed in each aspect (See Figure 1). After comparing notes they had to converse with each other regarding how their cultures were alike and dislike.

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