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o 40,000 RP seamen could lose jaid up worldwide due to lack of cargo, Marquez said.

Roque said 45 of these foreign vessels are laid up at Subic Bay, north of Manila, and in the southern Philippine port of Davao.

"The demand for seafarers is still there but it is only for ag around the globe, according to official data.

As trade demand drops
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MANILA, Philippines -- Up to 40,000 Philippine seamen working for Japanese shipping companies could lose their jobs this year as vessels are laid up due to the sharp fall in world trade, an official said Wednesday.

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Crew members working on car carriers, bulk carriers anpatriated," Marquez said.
d container ships would be the first to go, he added.

About 300,000 Filipinos work on merchant shippin
At least 433 container ships have been lloying more tha

Crew members working on car carriers, bulk carriers ann 40,000 Filipinos as crew have notified Manila that their operations may be downsized, Labor Secretary Marianito Roque told reporters.slation, Employment, Unemployment, Overseas Employment, Economy and Business and Finance, Economic Indicators

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Crew members working on car carriers, bulk carriers an
"If we don’t have those specialties, there could be dislocatiop-manning agencies based in the Philippines.

Roque said Manila has asked Tokyo's transport ministry to help retrain displaced Philippine seamen.
particular kind of ship, like tankers," Marquez said.
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