Awesome Soap Analysis

Awesome Soap Analysis

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Business plan- Awesoap

• Awesoap means awesome soap • All-Natural awesome soaps and excellent package services as a gift. • When using Awesoaps, it creates a wonderfully rich lather on your skin. • Eco-friendly ingredients • 5kQ

3 benefits for using Awesoap
• Handmade soap is made with natural ingredients.
– Soap should clean your skin but not leave it dry, irritated or itchy. Handmade soap is mild and cleanses your skin gently and softly. It has a clean scent and leaves your skin smooth with no residue.

• Handmade soap is chemical-free.
– Some of the chemicals put in mass-produced soap are very drying and irritating to many people. The natural glycerin is stripped out of mass produced soap

• Handmade soap comes in many, many scents.
– Handmade soap scents range from 100% pure essential oils to soap fragrances that even smell like blueberry muffins, apple pie and even chocolate! There are many manufactured soap scents with something to please everyone.

Manufacturing process for Awesoap

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Handmade soap market analysis
The world market for functional foods and natural health products has been expanding and is driven by demographic, economic and social trends. These factors include: • Aging populations, particularly the large baby boom generation; increasing interest in ‘healthy living’ • Increasing understanding of the link between nutrition and health • Evolving public policy and regulatory environments (Scott Wolfe Management Inc., 2002; George Morris Centre, 2008)

Taiwan handmade soap is well-known in the world, and including in the top 3 popular souvenir.

Marketing analysis
• Product
– – – – – All nature ingredients Many scents Styling Customized As a gift

• Price
– NT$350-$700 – Specific required will depends

• Place
– Starts at Pchome, Yahoo, and 樂天市場

• promote
– Using Facebook, blog, twitter,...

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