Axia Com130 Final

Axia Com130 Final

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Final Project
Dustin Burnsed
Axia College of University of Phoenix


This paper is an informative document directed to high school seniors that are trying to decide what to do with their lives following graduation. The document contains details of what a student should expect to have to accomplish to become an IT project manager, as well as what to expect once they accomplish that goal. The author explains that becoming a great project manager would be an excellent career choice, and requires a good education, a little experience, and a few important skill sets: people skills, communication, organization, and others. Also in the article are the results of a survey the author gave to multiple people that asks for them to give information about their education, salary, and experience. The author goes on to explain the importance of an education and seems to hope to convince the audience to attend classes after they graduate high school.


I intend to write about Project Management, especially pertaining to the IT field. I will provide information intended for high school seniors about being an IT Project Manager, and what it will take for these seniors to become an IT Project Manager if that is what they decide they want to do.
I have gathered this information mostly through personal experience, but also through research of various kinds. I have been involved with IT Project Management for most of my life. My parents were divorced years ago, and have both since remarried. Because of this, three of my four parents are currently project managers. The fourth, my mother, has been promoted beyond project management, but served her company as a project manager for a couple of years. Having learned from them, and other sources, I have discovered not only what exactly it means to be an IT Project Manager, but also what it takes to get there in the first place.
As part of my research I had multiple people fill out a survey about their...

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