Made by: Yermegiyayev Azat

Team building

Wining completions
School case
Creating a charity organization

I was always been a type of person who always tried to accomplish all my goals no matter what. When I was studying 9 grade I started participating in numerous sport competitions. I didn’t just want to participate. I always had goal to win or to get the next sport degree. So the same happened with the swimming and chess competitions. I put a goal to become an Alvl swimmer and chess player. I couldn’t become in a single moment. I was accomplishing my goal gradually and finally achieved them. In 2011 I won a chess competition.
I studied in Miras International School. Conflicts always happened in my school: with students, teachers and other people. I was always that kind of person who always tried to solve this conflicts peacefully. In 2011 happened a serious conflict between two people both of them were my friends. Seeing that both of my friends were about to fight with each other, it motivated me to be very diplomatic because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Surprisingly I managed to explain to both of them that with this conflict they wouldn’t be able to solve their problem constructively.
At school I always loved group works and always participated in team works actively. I always had some sort of intuition which helped me in creating different teams. When I finished my school I had an idea of creating a charity organization and I had need of a good team. In this case my team building skills really helped me. I really new and felt what people are suitable for the work. Moreover I had intuition that helped to define whether those people can suit each other and become a team. So I formed a group of 9 people. Those people really worked perfectly with each other and we carried out several projects.

Constantly trained and Developed a confidence in myself.
I kept my self-confident...