BA 578

BA 578

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BA 578 Fall 2014

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Online Exam I
Midterm Exam
 There are 4 parts:
Part A: True/ False (1-20)
Part B: Select the correct answer for the following questions (21-32)
Part C: Answer the following questions (33-40)
Part D: Work Problem (41-54) **All work must be shown step by step**
 Two different ways to submit your answer sheet
1. Scan your answer sheet and place it in ONE FILE at drop-box. (preferable)
2. Use MS-Word and place it in a drop-box.
 **Excel is not acceptable for this test
 **Deadline: Monday, 22nd of September 2014 BY NOON
 **All work must be shown step by step in order to receive credit

Part A: True or False (1-20)
_______1. The random sample is the most important, because statistical theory applies to it alone
_______2. In a frequency distribution, the class mark is the number of observations that fall
within that class.
_______3. Original class interval frequencies can be obtained by multiplying the respective
relative frequencies by the total number of observations
_______4. The sum of the class frequencies is equal to the number of observations made
_______5. Planning is the most important step in statistical study
_______6. Systematic, stratified and cluster sampling are not approximations to simple random
_______7. A relative frequency distribution describes the proportion of data values that fall
within each category.

BA 578 Fall 2014

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_______8. There would be no need for statistical theory if census , rather than a sample was
always used to obtain information about populations.
_______9. The arithmetic mean is the sum of the data values divided by the number of
_______10. For the data, 35, 22, 18, and 25, the value of the median is 20.



_______12. The median always exists in a set of numerical data.

means that A and B are mutually exclusive events.


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