Babe Ruth Informative Speech

Babe Ruth Informative Speech


Speech Title: The Great Bambino

Purpose Statement: After listening to my speech, the audience will


A. Attention Getter: The expression, “The House that Ruth Built,” does not refer to a house at all, but to a baseball stadium, and that stadium was just recently replaced after 85 years of baseball in New York by a new stadium, dedicated on April 3rd of 2009.

B. Connection: Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, Babe Ruth is an important part of American history...and know what he meant to the game of baseball (or whatever you want to say here) will make you the life of any party! Haha! (Humor is a good connection…even if it’s cheesy humor).

C. Credibility Material: tell them how many years you’ve been playing baseball and about your recent job umpiring…

D. Thesis and Preview:

Thesis: Babe Ruth was destined for fame starting from his days as a young ball player, then next by getting attention as a result of his remarkable pitching ability, and finally, by stunning fans has a home-run hitter.

Preview: I will first tell you that Babe Ruth loved to play baseball when growing up, then Babe Ruth started his career as an outstanding pitcher, and finally how Babe became even more famous as a home-run king.

Transition #1: First, I want to tell you a little about Babe Ruth’s childhood.

II. Body

A. Main Point #1: Babe Ruth loved to play baseball when growing up.

1. Subpoint #1: First learned the game at the age of 7 years old when his farther enrolled him in at St. Mary’s Industrial School.

2. Subpoint #2: By the time that Ruth was a nineteen-year-old his playing ability is spotted by a professional Baltimore baseball scout. He signed with the Baltimore Orioles. (when)

3. Subpoint #3: His mother died years before he was allowed to start his professional career.

Transition into Main Point #2 Now that we've covered his early years, let's move...

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