Bad Competition

Bad Competition


Competition is known around the world not only in America but in places such as

Japan, france, and even in small islands like Hawaii. Competition is competing in

anything such as sports, business, and school. Most people love competing because it is

the love of what they do. Some do it to be better than the rest, to rank a higher rank, or to

succeed. Competition also causes tragic events such as someone being injured or even

death. I am a competitor myself but I compete for the love of football, other than that I do

not agree with what competition has grown to be. "Bad" competition leads to

discouragement, violence, and or death.

Competition is suppose to be fun, suppose to build character rather than be a

discouragement to many. For example, competing in a sport; Now a days if a player were

to mess during a play or drop a ball or anything costing the game, they will immediately

get pressured and put down by their coaches or team-mates. This kind of action causes

discouragement. The person will start to believe that they are not good enough for

anything and will eventually have low self esteem. Competition is suppose to build a

person up, mold them into better characters, yet it is causing people especially teenagers

to think twice about themselves and their ability. It causes them to econd guess

themselves and what they can accomplish in life and in whatever they are doing.

Violence comes from many reasons in the world, sadly it can be caused by even

the smallest things and competition is just a gateway to the world of violence. When

competing in school for example the teenagers are bound to get violent. Competition can

bring out the best or the WORST in a person or team, if a person does not like their score

on something or a team does not agree with the how the game is being played they will

get violent. They will fight for what they want or what they...

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