Bad Effects on Humans ( Not Completed This Why I Need Help)

Bad Effects on Humans ( Not Completed This Why I Need Help)

The Negative effects computers show on humans

I am looking into the negative effects of P.C.s on the Human race in general from many walks of life and the fallout on their communities. This poses a very harsh grim view towards a man made item which to this day has grown to effect the new generations so much that man has turned a blind eye towards it. Yes, there are ratings place on some games but even theseis slide through the cracks due to the parents indifference feelings for the norms. The law can only do so much but when A child kills or harms another and the connection is a video game who is at fault?

In the ancient times of Plato, He was worried that the technique of writing would be harmful to human knowledge. And since then most of the new media has been greeted with many warnings as to expected with the detrimental effects to the general society, community and especially the minds of the young. During the late 1970s, the arcade games began to generate worry as to their effects on gamers. The studies conducted to address these worries typically relied on quantitative methodology and often attempted to correlate certain behavioral aspects with amount of game use. The number of studies in this category is rather large but the results have not lead to a consensus. Thus researchers Cannot agree whether games have negative or positive effects on behavior (or perhaps no effects at all).Yet there are some factors that show it does;, In some of this confusion, at least, may probably be attributed to the casual way in which much work within this paradigm treats the issue of genre. One is not likely to be able to generalize results across very different types of games. Nor is it obvious that one should be able to generalize between age or sex groups.

Conclusions (The Council of Europe,2002). Refes.: Other studies, however, some relying on more direct observation have concluded that gaming did...

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