Bad Politics

Bad Politics

Josh Bodiford



29 October 2008

Bad Politics

According to Fred Hiatt of “John McCain likes Barrack Obama. He admires and respects Obama. He believes Obama is "very impressive, he's thoughtful, he's centrist." Obama has "probably got a great future." He is "a very honest and fine person" -- "absolutely" qualified to be president.” John McCain himself made these statements! Yet, now we find him on the defensive in a dash to the finish of a very nasty presidential race.

Since the birth of our nation, politicians have bickered over which direction our country should be taking. Democrats and Republicans, as well as other groups, have always pitted themselves against each other in the struggle for power. The way they have done this over the past 200+ years has all but been friendly. But today’s races have taken an ugly turn, I believe.

There are many shows on radio and television that show the pros and cons of different sides of issues. These syndicates usually are biased towards one or the other. This year’s presidential election, as it comes down to the finish, has shown how candidates can throw issues out the window and openly attack each other’s character.

Although his opposite has continuously slandered Senator Barrack Obama (D), Senator John McCain (R), he has yet to resort to that kind of campaigning.

The other day on the NPR network I heard McCain slashing Obama on their show with Glen Beck. Rush Limbaugh even said that “were going to have to save the country from Obama, then save it from McCain and whoever he puts in his cabinet.”

"We're going to have to drag Sen. McCain over the finish line, and then we're going to have to deal with what he does in the Oval Office ourselves,” was another quote that really stood out to me. Is this why this candidate has resorted to name-calling and rumor spreading? If you don’t have the backing of some of the most potent...

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