It is easy to see why Baha’i is near the end of the book, there are concepts that make it

blasphemy in other religions. This religion would also be hard to teach first being the instructor;

no other religion says that we should all unite. Some people have said that the day when

everyone becomes one nation, with one language and forming this sort of unity that coincides

with Baha’i’s beliefs then the world will be coming to an end. Baha’is want us to be united but

then on the other hand, the religion is about celebrating differences which sounds a little

contradicting and a little impossible.

That’s like asking the Sunni and the Shi’ites to overlook the religious battle that they

have been locked in for a long time; or like asking Christians to overlook the fact that Jesus

has served his purpose, overlook homosexuality and believe that there are different levels of

Heaven. Baha’i honestly is something I see catching on with the younger generations who

believe different things about religion as a whole. I could see more and more people practicing

Baha’i in largely due to the fact that there are scientific correlations with beliefs. Baha’i is more

for how to live now along with the fact that there’s no local place for worship, no rituals and no

priesthood makes it appealing for younger generations.

While Baha’i may not be something I see catching on for a long time there are a number

of things that I do love about the religion. The unity piece has some good to it because I feel that

we are divided as a people and that makes me feel like the world is doomed. Things are getting

worse on all levels and there are no signs of it getting better. Salvation being a lifelong process

is something I think people fail to realize. Being focused on a moment is good but after that it’s

easy to fall of the wagon living in the past.

No Priesthood – I mentioned a while back about one of my fears about...