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The completion of this Social Studies school based assessment would not have been possible without the assistance, patience and co-operation of my teacher, cousin and friends. Also, I will like to thank the Almighty Father for health, strength and persistence in completing this assignment. Moreover, I am very grateful and express thanks to all the lending support and valuable time spent on rendering assistance when necessary. Lastly, I would like to thank the persons who willingly took the time out to answer the questionnaires, for without them this assessment would be unfinished. Once again, I am thankful for all the parties involved in the conclusion of this school based assessment.


Pentecostal Light & Life School is an educational institution which comprise of three hundred (300) students and forty (40) teachers. It is located at Sangster’s Hill Scarborough, Tobago. This institution was constructed by the District Superintendent Reverent Glenroy Frank and dedicated by Turnel J. Nelson on April 14, 2002. The researcher has been a student of this high school for the past four years and has since detected the high level of juvenile delinquency behavior among students of this high school. As a result, I decided to perform a research to find the major causes and effects of Juvenile Delinquency and further find possible solutions to this adverse problem.

What factors contribute to the level of Juvenile Delinquency at the Pentecostal Light and Life School?

Research Questions:
* What are the factors that influence juvenile delinquency?

* How are persons affected by juvenile delinquents?

* What measures can be implemented in preventing these juvenile delinquents?

Reasons for selecting the area of research:
This statement of problem, ‘what factors contribute to the level of juvenile delinquency at the Pentecostal Light and Life School?’ was chosen because children today are...

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