Balachndran Vickneshwaran

Balachndran Vickneshwaran

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I wish to extend my gratitude to my lecturer …………….for his kind advice and coordination of the course. My special thanks go to ………… lecturer for giving me the guidance given to make this assignment a success.

And also I’m grateful to all my friends for the suggestions and support given, and most of the details collected from internet and my exercise book I used for referencing.

Last but not the least, my deepest love and thanks go to my family members who gave all the support and understanding needed for me throughout my work on this report.

Balachandran Vickneshwaran

The unit of currency in the country of Detail is the DATUM (D)
D1 = 100 cents.
The country of Detail has a simple Income Tax system:
The first D6000 of annual income is free of tax.
The residual income is taxed at 15%.
In addition there is a deduction of 2% of gross income to fund the State retirement pension.
An extra D1000 tax free allowance is given for each dependent child.
Either parent may claim the allowance(s), but the allowances, if there is more that one child, cannot be
divided between the parents.
No allowance is available for company pension schemes
All earning individuals are taxed by the same rules; no account is taken of gender or marital status.
Employers are required to deduct tax from their employees

In the task-01 we created a file to store our details and information about employee we create this file in the notepad format this the format so file will be save in the “txt” format. So we can view and access in the notepad if you want to change the format you can change but you can only view in same application. Example if you want to view your file in the ms word you save like this ”file name.doc” if save like this you can view your file in ms word...