Balance Between Future and Present Inovations

Balance Between Future and Present Inovations

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Question created from The Ambidextrous Organization

How to create balance between Future and present Innovations? How an organization manages balance for future demand and present demand of products? (apart from what could possibly be the future demand)
An organization should consider the balance between both the cases. Ofcourse it requires much capital to hire separate personnel for both of the issues. Infact according to the article both of them are separate departments for an organization i.e Existing business and Emerging Business.

Figure [ 1 ] The two options for considering future and existing business (Charles, 2004)
The author shows two options. Considering the first option (Shown in left of figure) can be more feasible if an additional work is carried out with it. The advantage would be that the organization wouldn’t have to make two separate departments and hire more personnel. By launching certain a product the organization should take feedback from its customers that how we could have made the product better. For example a person nowadays buys a Nokia 3310. He would obviously say that it is bulky and heavy and I don’t like its ringtones. Such kinds of feedbacks should be taken on every product. It would help more to launch future products and sense the fashion tradition of people. In addition to this, people should be persuaded to do this with some technique e.g. in order to register your product with the company you need to give us a suggestion from critic point of view and be a part of our lucky draw etc.
The best example for an ambidextrous organization is Film and broadcasting Industry. The companies should definitely ask Hollywood that how they sense the people taste of watching movies and program. The Three stooges was a good comedy show during 70’s but now the comedy has changed to South park, How I met your mother, Family Guy, Big Bang Theory etc. This is how an organization should sense the taste of people. Moreover, thinking over...

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