Balancing Penn Foster, work, and family

Balancing Penn Foster, work, and family

´╗┐Balancing Penn Foster studies with work, family, and other activities and responsibilities.

Hello, my name is Sharon. I am 58 years old, and I would have never dreamed that I would be

wearing so may different hats in my life. My mother and family were so excited when I said that I was

interested in advancing my career while I still can with work slowing right now. They knew that I

wanted to be more than just a medical transcriptionist because the work started to decrease with the

outsourcing, doctors implementing their own formats that allows them to just type a few sentences and

the transcription is done, or they have a transcriptionist that follows them around and does the

transcription when they see the patient. I would love to play more of an active role in the medical field,

and this would be a good start to switching over with my knowledge of what CNA's do and medical

transcriptionists do as this would make the transition over much easier.

My mother asked why I did not start sooner in my adventure in seeking my career further. I

explained that I was happy doing what I did as a medical transcriptionist, as I worked at home, spent

time with my grandchildren, watched them grow and go off to Pre-K and school while my children

worked during the day, so they did not have to pay for child care. My mother and family were so

encouraging in the beginning with me advancing, being able to still work, and to do classes online at

home. My grandson, said he would nag me to death to get my homework done for a change instead of

me nagging him; so after more thought and reorganizing I made the decision to go ahead and go back

to school. My grandson and children agreed that they would help me with whatever needed done to

make it easier for me to study. Just a few months into starting school the bottom fell out of the bag. I

got sick and could not do much of anything for about six to...

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