Baldrige Award

Baldrige Award

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 Baldrige award winning hospitals acquire and demonstrate benefits related to both employees and patients. Though most benefits are noticed after winning the award not all benefits come after winning the award but some are seen once a hospital takes begins a course toward winning the Baldrige award. Research indicates that hospitals have seen improvements in employee safety, retention and increased training while also noting lower infection rates, increased Medi-care compliance and overall increased patient satisfaction. The benefits to employee hospitals are noticed before a hospital wins an award.

Benefits of the Baldrige award do not just go to healthcare executives but also hospital employees. Research indicates that Baldrige award winning hospitals have decreased employee turnover, more employee’s satisfied with work at their hospital and when compared to hospitals who have not won the Baldrige award (Thompson, 2006). Van Matre and Koch (2009) report that of hospital award winners from 2002 to 2009, there were reported decreased employee turn over and higher retention among skilled employees. Award winning hospital Bronson Methodist Hospital employees say they are happier working for the hospital and enjoy an increased collaboration among staff (Thompson, 2006). Other facets of increased benefits to both employees and the hospital are a better understanding of the hospital mission statement. Bronson Methodist has simplified their mission statement so that its employees are better able to understand it and focus on patient centered care (Thompson, 2006). Intent and criteria for winning the Baldrige award are geared toward efficiency and safer patient treatment however, added benefits of decrease in turnover and higher satisfaction among employees are found.

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