Ban Smoking

Ban Smoking

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Smoking is causing problems all around the world. Banning this nasty habit in restaurants is a good start to getting rid of them all together.

Do you like to smell the strong cigarette smoke at restaurants? Do you like to sit nearby a smoker? If you answer "no" (should "n" be capitalized?) to these questions, you will be glad to see that a law, which bans smoking in all public places, has been set up in Quebec and Ontario, and I totally agree to this law. It is because this law is beneficial to non-smokers, smokers, and business owners that I agree to it.

First of all tobacco smoke is killing thousands of people every year. For example, parents who smoke appear to be a risk factor for children and babies and are associated with low birth weight babies. Sudden infant death syndrome, bronchitis, pneumonia, and middle ear infections are also associated with parents that smoke. Furthermore, a review was published of the evidence available from studies regarding the relationship between secondhand smoke and heart disease and estimated that passive smoking was responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths per year in the United States. Similarly, John, a friend of mine, died a few years ago from lung cancer caused by his smoking parents. John never smoked in his life. In addition, John's younger brother Tom, a smoker, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Because of following in his parents footsteps, Tom has contracted the disease.
Furthermore, it is believed that moderate exposure to secondhand smoke presents a measurable cancer risk to non-smokers. The risk is considered more significant when non-smokers work in an environment where cigarette smoke is always present. It would be pointless to not allow smoking in one part of a restaurant and allow it in another when eventually the non-smokers' section breathes in the smoke.

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