Unit 1 – D1 Evaluate Interpersonal and Written Communications Techniques

The Unit 1 – D1 Task asks you to ‘Evaluate interpersonal and written communications techniques’

The specification says: For D1, learners must evaluate interpersonal and written communication techniques they have used in this or other units. Essentially, this is an evaluation of all the unit’s pass and merit criteria, and the learner should be able to use it to provide strong insight into the ideas it covers. The ideal evidence here is a brief report.

Interpersonal skills: methods eg verbal exchanges, signing, lip reading; techniques and cues eg body language, use of intonation; positive language; negative language; active engagement eg nodding, summarising, paraphrasing; barriers eg background noise, distractions, lack of concentration; types of question eg open, closed, probing; speed of response

Communicate in writing: guidelines; ‘smileys’ or emoticons, key messages eg letter, fax, email; grammar; spelling; structure; identifying relevance; proofreading; alternative viewpoints; note taking; capitalisation

(‘Evaluate’ means identifying strong and weak points and making a judgement on how successful or effective it is at the end)

Identify how you can meet the needs of your audience?
How will you communicate technical information? (P6)
What potential barriers might there be? (P3)
How will you overcome barriers? (M1)
How can you demonstrate a range of interpersonal skills? (P4)
What personal attributes do you want to display? (P1)
How will you effectively communicate? (P2)
What use of ICT will you incorporate? Is it appropriate for the audience? (P5)
Will you use draft versions? Why? (M2)
Who will you engage the audiences different learning styles? (M3)
How will thinking about this influence your PDP and how you follow it? (P7, P8)
How could you approach questioning?

Identify how you can communicate to your audience effectively through writing?

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