Bangladesh Blues

Bangladesh Blues


|GDP (per capita) |$1,374  |
|population |122 million |
|density |1045/km² |
| |2,706/sq mi |
|Currency |Taka |
|Languages |Benagli |

Bangladesh is a country in south Asia it is bordered by India on all sides except for a small bit that is bordered with Burma. Bangladesh grew at the meeting place of the Ganges and

Brahmaputra, two of the world’s greatest rivers. Over many thousands of years these rivers have been deposited millions of tonnes of sediment in the Bay of Bengal, creating the mainland delta that forms Bangladesh. This process is continuing and every year new islands appear in the river channels and off the coast. Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries its population is 122 million nine-tenths of whom live in the countryside is supported on an area barely half the size of the UK it is also one of the poorest countries. Most of the people in Bangladesh work on the primary sector e.g. Farming. Bangladesh is a delta formed by the convergence of three great rivers. Eighty per cent of Bangladesh is less 1.5 meters above sea level, and every the wet monsoon season the rivers flood half the country to a depth of 30 cm. the floods which last for several months bring fertile silt, but cause great disruption.
Yet these annual floods are insignificant compared to the really disastrous floods caused by tropical cyclones. In 1970 a tropical cyclone and tidal surge killed more than 450 000 people a repeat of this disaster occurred in 1991 when a cyclone hit the south east coast and delta. A 7 meter high tidal wave, whipped up by winds over 200 km/h killed 125 000...

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