Bank Vision

Bank Vision

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BankVi$ion is an integrated online banking application on the leading edge of Financial System Technology. BankVision users state-of-the-art application technology. BankVi$ion comprehensively brings every aspect of Bank management and operations into on-line computerization simultaneously. It combines the power of Windows Operating System, RDBMS and the internet-based GUI interface. BankVi$ion is a powerful banking solution engineered for Retail banking and Back Office Modules and is fully integrated to electronic delivery channels like ATMs, POS, Internet, Mobile, Phone Banking and Decision support System. It delivers the flexibility to bring new and varied products to market quickly allowing your bank to compete aggressively in today’s competitive market place.

The N-tier architecture of the product allows vertical integration of different functional modules of single General Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance. BankVi$ion provides the foundation by way of a comprehensive set of accounting and operations services, combined with the ability to quickly add new products and easily integrate new applications

BankVision supports Financial Institutions Processing including:
• Comprehensive banking functionality
• Internet banking
• Mobile banking
• Relational database technologies
• GUI Interface

BankVision employs strong security and encryption technologies to provide a secure transaction environment. A secure-messaging option built into the Internet interface allows customers to interact and perform non-standard transactions securely. BankVision also supports corporate accounts requiring complex access schemes and transaction privileges. It provides for hierarchical entitlement and allows a corporate entity to manage its own users and their account privileges. BankVision has a very rich function set. Customers can perform diverse functions depending upon the type of account they have. The Product is highly parameterized to...

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