Banking Deregulation

Banking Deregulation

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Bank Deregulation:
The Real Effects to Our Country and the Implications within Global Economy?

The purpose for this research paper is to identify the effects of banking deregulation on the US economy and try to tie in the global economy as well. Information being used for the positions taken was made using resources online and books that have been collected. The question that I am attempting to answer regarding deregulation are; what was the driving reasons behind the decisions made supporting deregulation and what were the effects of deregulation on the US economy. In order to answer these questions it is imperative that we understand the historical aspect which I will attempt to complete in the first half of this exploration. Much can be learned from what has already been established by the founders for many of the regulatory efforts. Based on the information collected and reviewed I can conclude that deregulation on the whole has led to many of the financial difficulties that the US economy faces today. There are however some aspects that have shown to be beneficial to the banking industry which are mentioned in detail.

Main Body
In order to begin a detailed view of how banking deregulation has affected the United States and the global economy, we break the inspection down in to four main parts. First we will capture all of the pertinent regulatory efforts that have been passed down since the founding of our country and highlight how these have changed over time. It is critical to understand the historical aspect of legislation in order to gain insight as to the need for change. Our second point will attempt to quantify the driving forces behind the regulation acts as they were presented in their day. We will take in to account the economic and political climate and determine if there were any stabilizing factors which lead to making these decisions. The third aspect we will investigate will be the real...

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